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The Founder



John Robles, an ordained minister, was born in to Catholic and Hispanic culture. He found Christ as a child and was used in bringing his parents and family into a conversion experience and has been a soloist and an evangelist for over 30 years. John and his wife, Cheryl, have two children, Paul James and Michelle Lee and reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They are members of Christian Fellowship pastored by Dr. Paul E. Paino, who has been John's pastor for over 50 years.

John has pastored several churches, but his heart has been in Missions and in 1996 he started Operation: Latin America. His passion has been to touch his own people with the gospel of Christ. Being fluent in Spanish has enhanced his work in Latin countries. He has been primarily in Chiapas, Mexico, but has taken teams to other parts of Mexico, Spain, and Argentina. Doors are opening in other countries as well as God provides more opportunities and resources.

John has recently received an 'Influential Hispanic' award in the Ft Wayne area (2006)!

Board Members - Cheryl R, Abel R, Terry B, Fred G, Bill C, Tom B, Vern H, Bob G

Operation: Latin America is a Non Profit 501 C3 organization registered with the US Government and the state of Indiana
Contributions can be sent to Operation: Latin America, P.O. Box 10666, Fort Wayne, IN 46853 and checks made out to Operation: Latin America