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Operation Latin America has built over 70 churches as of December, 2005. This includes churches both in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, Mexico City, and Argentina. Most churches cost around $6000 to build, and can be completed within a week.



Usually a dear Mexican brother in the Lord named Enrique sets up the project ahead of the team. The foundation is dug by hand and concrete is mixed and poured by Mexican church members. The cement pillars are poured into forms just a few days before the team arrives.


Ladders, scaffolds (see below) and roof trusses are built by hand - no Home Depot for hundreds of miles!



6 by 6 beams are attached to the cement pillars by rebar and nails. The trusses are then carefully heaved up while being held vertically by 2 ropes pulled evenly by the ground crew (a bit risky!). The trusses are then nailed to the beams, then to each other.


Cross pieces are put on the trusses for support, and for the galvanized metal roof to be nailed to.


At some point, the Mexican nationals mix the concrete by hand and pour the floor, ready in time for a dedication service. At this particular service 5 people gave their heart and lives to the Lord!

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